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RFD distributing free 10-year smoke detectors

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Russellville Fire Department announced Thursday that they will be installing 10-year smoke detectors in the homes of Russellville upon request.
Fire Marshall Bobby Malone said the department has received 50 smoke detectors that have a 10-year lithium battery, and their goal is to install the detectors in every home in Russellville.
"State Farm Insurance supplied us with 50 detectors to install in homes," Malone said. "They said we can get more if we need them."
Malone said the 10-year battery eliminates the need to replace batteries every year but there is still a need to check it monthly to make sure just it's working properly.
"We normally recommend residents to change batteries when they turn their clocks back, but with these new detectors, the batteries are good for 10 years," Malone said. "They batteries will not have to be changed through the life of the detector."
Malone said smoke detectors should be replaced in homes every 10 years.
The department is using the smoke detectors to stress the need for every home to have a working smoke detector.
"Last year there were a number of non-working smoke detectors out-numbered the home with no smoke detectors at all," Malone said.
Malone and Fire Chief Joe Mansell are committed to making sure every resident in Russellville has a good, working smoke detector.
"We still offer fire safety inspections," Malone said. "We can come out, if invited, and make recommendations how to make your home for safe from fire."
Mansell and Malone both stressed the importance of two escape plans out of every room, and a meeting place outside away from the driveway.
The Russellville Fire Department is committed to fire prevention education.
To schedule your free safety inspection or to receive a free 10-year smoke detector, call 332-8761.