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State court to rule on run-off

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The court-ordered run-off election to determine the mayor's race in Hodges has been postponed pending a decision from the Alabama Supreme Court.
Jeff Bowling, town attorney for Hodges and Mayor Ed Crouch, filed an appeal with the circuit clerk's office last week, asking the Alabama Supreme Court for their decision in the matter.
Franklin County Circuit Judge Terry Dempsey declared the election a tie between Mayor Ed Crouch and opposing candidate Nick Howard last month.
He ordered a runoff election to be held on Nov. 25.
Dempsey said in his ruling that the Supreme Court has already affirmed this decision in Long vs. Bryant, an opinion released in January.
The court upheld the circuit court's decision.
However, the appeal has changed the election ruling until the case can go before the Supreme Court.
There is no timetable as to when the court will make a ruling on the case.
Crouch will remain mayor of Hodges until the court makes a ruling.