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Belgreen boys working to rebuild

By Staff
Scot Beard
BELGREEN – The Belgreen boys basketball team boys basketball team was once one of the best programs in northwest Alabama.
New head coach Dan Bell is hoping to return the Bulldogs to prominence, but he knows it will take a little time.
"We've got a long way to go," Bell said. "Basketball is not a quick fix situation."
Bell said he sees quite a bit of potential in his players, but it will take time for them to learn his system and learn how to have perspective.
He said the players have to learn not to panic when things do not go right. Bell is concerned his players might get down after losing some games and will not be mentally prepared to compete late in the season.
"It is not like the BCS where you lose one game and you're out," Bell said. "It is about how you progress in January."
Bell said he is interested in seeing how his team handles that pressure, but it is too early to get a handle on how his team will fare this season.
"They're really good kids," Bell said. "But until we get to the point where we're in the heat of battle, we can't see how things will go."