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Record turnout good for the future

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Franklin County Times
Record numbers were reported at the polls across the nation, and Franklin County was no different. Voting in elections, whether they are local or national races, is important. It's important that every citizen make sure their voice is heard by casting their vote because men and women have died to preserve that right.
Voting gives us, the citizens, a way to decide how we want to live and how we want our government to deal with issues.
We are glad that this election had such a great turnout both here in our county and nationwide. Deciding who should lead us is a right given to us as a citizen, and we thank everyone who cared enough about their communities and country to take time out of their busy schedule to cast their vote.
If you are a first time voter-there were many of you in Franklin County-we want to thank you for deciding to cast your ballot and making sure your voice was heard.
Those who decided not to have their voice heard need to remember there are people in other non-democratic countries that wish they were born here so that they can choose their leaders too.
Don't take your rights lightly; go vote during the next election.