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Through different eyes

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Do you ever wish you could see the world through the eyes of a child?
I have never really given that much thought until recently.
Our little boy, Ty, is 19 months old now and really learning something new each day.
We never know what he might say or do next.
Over the past week he has began tilting his head and giving this little sigh like he just can't believe that me or Mandi told him something.
Sometimes its almost like an "Ok, I give up," kind of look.
I assume he's picked that up from us, but it's funny to see him doing such a thing.
I wish I knew what he was thinking sometimes.
Thursday night while trick-or-treating he just looked around at everyone in amazement, not quite sure what was going on.
I guess the world looks a little crazy through the eyes of a 19 month old when everyone around is dressed like a witch or Spiderman or even Tommy Tubberville.
Talk about scary stuff.
But I wonder what a child sees when he looks across a crowd like that.
He never acted afraid or surprised, just curious.
I wish I could remember what the world looked like when I was that age.
I bet it looked a lot better than it does now.
You didn't pre-judge people or look for a bad side to them.
You only knew to love them.
A few weeks ago we took a trip to Nashville. Inside the Opry Mills Mall there are people of all descents and backgrounds ages and races.
There were several times that Ty would walk up to a child about his age and they would begin to play and even hug an one another.
Nothing mattered to them.
There was nothing that made them different from one another.
What a great world it must be when you look at it through a child's eyes.