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Smart shopping tips

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Franklin County Times
With prices like they are now we are going to try to discover ways to lower our grocery bills. Maybe this is a temporary thing, but we still might find some ideas for cutting back.
Smart shopping is more than just saving coupons or buying things on sale. Below are some suggestions offered by Money Instructor on the Internet.
Be sure some sale items are a bargain. Compare prices with other brands. Only buy items you need and that are affordable to you. Making a list can help you with this.
Items that are prepared for you like frozen prepared vegetables are more expensive then preparing them yourself. Sometimes buying smaller boxes of something is better. Check amounts and ounces and compare.
Look at the top and bottom of grocery shelves for bargains.
Hold on to receipts. When you do this you can compare prices.
When you find a discount you use often, by extra.
Stick to your budget and shopping list. Don't shop when you are hungry.
When shopping, keep your mind on the special deals you've gone to the store for. Try to get generics when possible. The way I do is to check the contents on the packages. If they are the same ingredients as the non-generic, buy the least expensive item.
It only takes a short time to make a quick grocery list. Many cooks have a sheet of paper on the refrigerator or stove to write down ingredients needed in the kitchen. When you write thins down every time you cook, you are ready to shop when the time comes.
Continue to cut out your coupons and save them in an envelope or a special jar in your kitchen. When you master a savings plan for shopping you will be so proud of yourself. And, as my granddaughter says, "You know what? You will have a little more money left at the end of the month."