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Industrial park will be a boost for county

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Franklin County Times
The county took a big step this week in breaking ground on a new industrial park.
This particular park, named after former Probate Judge Mike Green, will allow the county to have access to several major resources, such as the Russellville Municipal Airport, Alabama 24 and U.S. 43.
Green, the outgoing county commission, current Probate Judge Barry Moore, all the county industrial development boards and the Franklin County Development Authority and its director, Mitch Mays, have worked to make this site possible.
With the help of State Sen. Roger Bedford, the group has secured funding for the site and has worked to have it classified as an Advanced Site.
This is the type of teamwork this county needs to allow us to move forward.
We cannot sit back and complain that we have no new industries if we are not working together to attract new industries.
Our local leaders should be commended for their efforts on this project.
There will always be detractors who question any signs of progress, but it is badly needed here.
It is time for Franklin County to get back in the game, and by working as a team with a good plan, big things are sure to come.