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Halloween 101

By Staff
Students perform spooky experiments
Melissa Cason
The Russellville High School chemistry class held a special Halloween presentation for fifth grade students this week.
Teacher Nicole Watts said the goal of the presentation is to interest younger students in chemistry by showing them interesting chemical reactions.
The presentations were held Wednesday and Thursday.
"We don't have that many students who are taking chemistry, and it is something they are going to need in college," Watts said.
During the presentation, the group made silly putty, glow goo, a genie come out of a bottle, and a jackolantern ooze green foam. The group also made blue and red Styrofoam for the group.
"We did seven chemical experiments with the Halloween theme so the students can see that chemistry is fun," Watts said.
After the presentation, Watts talked to the students about the importance of lab safety and the need for math and science in order to take chemistry when they get older.
"In order to take chemistry, you have to be really good in math and science," she told the group. "The students here got really good grades in math and science, and now they get to do these cool experiments."
Watts said her philosophy in teaching such a difficult subject is to make it fun for the student.
"We do a lot of fun stuff in order to make it interesting for the students so they will learn and so that more students will take chemistry," she said.