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Celebrating red ribbon week

By Staff
This week is Red Ribbon Week, and our schools are using this week to drive the drug free message home for the students. Red Ribbon Week has been observed in late October since the late1980s.
It is a week dedicated to keeping our students drug free. While the week provides an opportunity for students learn about the dangers of using drugs and the benefits of staying drug free, it is not the only time the students hear this message.
Franklin County is one of the few counties in North Alabama that still has a DARE Program. That program combined with other drug education such as that provided through Community Education gives students the information to make a wise decision about drugs.
Franklin County Schools and Russellville City Schools are dedicated to keeping our students off of drugs so that they can become productive adults in the future.
It is a community effort to make sure our youth has what they need to say no to drugs, and while sometimes it may not seem like we are winning the fight, these programs are making a different in the lives on our students.