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More changes coming

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
There is an old saying that seems to hold so true – "the only thing constant is change."
There is constantly change in our lives and in all of our jobs.
We will be a making some changes here at The Franklin County Times over the next few weeks and months. But, we believe they will be changes for the better and ones that you will appreciate.
In an effort to stay up to speed on industry standards and to provide you with a better newspaper, we will be changing our paper size to a smaller format beginning in November.
The shift will be from a 24-inch web width to a 22-inch size. That is becoming the industry standard throughout the nation and others in our area have already made that move as well.
As you hold the paper in your hands while drinking your morning coffee, you will notice the slight difference.
It will not be quite as wide, but the length will remain the same.
Like all other things in our world today, the costs of printing newspapers have risen dramatically. The narrower width will be beneficial to us as we move towards the future.
However, it will allow us to do some different things in our paper that I believe you will enjoy.
Another change coming might not be as noticeable at first, but later this fall we will be printing our papers on a cleaner, brighter looking sheet.
We feel that will be a tremendous asset to you, our readers, as well as our advertisers.
These changes are only being made to keep us in line with the standards of our business and to help us offer you a better product.
We will also be working to insure that www.fct.wpengine.com offers you the most up to date information on all that happens in Franklin County.
Please give us your insights and feedback about the things you like and dislike about The Franklin County Times.
We want to provide you with exactly what you deserve, the best community newspaper that we can give you.