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Happy Halloween

By Staff
Melissa Cason
This week is Halloween, but I have been celebrating for a few weeks now. The Halloween season kicked off at my house early. Last weekend, I went to my first Halloween party of the season, and last night, I attended my second.
Last week's party was a blast. It was a girls only party where we dressed up in costumes depicting a different decade. Initially, I wanted to be Dorothy to depict the 1930s. The Wizard of Oz came out in theaters during this decade, and have become a classic.
I love Dorothy, and I love those ruby slippers so I was upset to find that the stores only have Dorothy costumes for really tiny people, and we all know I don't fit into that category.
So, I decided I would have to give up on the Dorothy idea even though I loved the idea. But, I could not decide what I should be for this party. I went on for days thinking of what I could do.
One night Jimmy and I were up talking at 2 a.m., and I started laughing hysterically. I could hardly speak I was laughing so hard. I had the idea to be Richard Simmons, as in Sweatin' to the Oldies Richard Simmons.
I could see myself in those little shorts and the tank top with a curly wig. It was hilarious.
So I decided to go for it.
Saturday morning, I got up and got a wig and got some really, really, really short shorts and put on one of my yoga tank tops. I bought some sweatbands for my wrists and my head, and sported a set of dumbbells to the party.
It was so funny. Everyone was shocked that I dared leaving the house dressed like that.
Actually, I can top even just leaving looking like that. I had to go into Wal-Mart before going to the party so I got a few strange looks there for sure.
Everyone loved the costume so much that I won the most creative costume prize at the party.
I love Halloween.
I love dressing up, and I love being in disguise even though I am recognizable in costume. It's still fun to dress up at my age.
That's what Halloween is all about: Fun.
I haven't really decided what I am going to be next week when it is actually Halloween. I know I am considering being a ceiling fan or a one night stand.
Who knows?
I guess we'll all have to wait and see. Happy Halloween, and be safe when trick or treating.