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City purchases new litter control truck

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Russellville Police Department litter control officer will be sporting a new vehicle in the next week or so as the department purchased a new truck with money from the corrections fund.
Police Chief Chris Hargett said the department has acquired a 2008 F-250 series long bed crew cab pickup truck for the use of the litter control officer.
"The pickup cost about $28,000," Hargett said. "It was paid for out of the corrections fund, which is collected from criminal cases."
Hargett said the truck is fueled by diesel so it will last longer and will be easier to maintain.
"Another benefit of the truck is that the officer will not have to pull the trailer behind the vehicle," he said. "That's a safety issue."
The officer will also be able to carry equipment such as weed eaters in the back of the truck in addition to the trash the inmates collect.
"The truck can also be used to pull equipment we have received from Homeland Security should the need arise," Hargett said.
Hargett said the litter control officer supervises inmates who collect trash on the roads leading to the downtown area.
"Something we started doing this year is picking up the trash along Highway 24 on the state right-of-way after they bush hog," he said. "We are doing our part in order to make a good impression on visitors."
Hargetts said the litter control program has been a part of the department for several years. The litter control officer takes requests from residents and helps clear dumpsites in the city.
"Our goal is to pick up all the trash in the city but we try to concentrate on the areas leading to downtown area," Hargett said. "We do take requests if there is an area that needs our attention."
The department will be getting the lights on the new truck soon, and the officer will trade in the previous litter vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe, for the truck.
"The Tahoe was donated to the department for the Special Response Team by the 911 Board," Hargett said. "Now that we have this new vehicle, the Tahoe will be used for the SRT team."