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Meth focus of SADD program

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Russellville Police Lt. Scotty Lowery doesn't paint a pretty picture when it comes to the city's increased drug problems.
Lowery delivered a presentation to a group of Students Against Destructive Decisions this week at Russellville High School.
The longtime police investigator told the students that the city is facing an increasingly larger problem with all drugs, but particularly methamphetamine.
"This will kill you," he said. "The people who use it will kill you."
Lowery said the department has recovered more working meth labs since May of this year than they ever have in the past.
The development of methamphetamine has advanced to the point where people are making the drug inside of old plastic bottles rather than elaborate laboratories like those used before.
Lowery told the students that officers would find meth labs once the weather cools just because users will be forced to have their windows open.
He described what to look for in meth labs and meth users and showed photo illustrations of people who had used the drug before.
"Young people, I am begging you not to use this stuff," he said. "Once you use it one time you are hooked."