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Taking fire safety seriously

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Russellville Fire Department held a fire drill at the Village Square Apartments, and they invited me along for the ride.
I got to see first hand how the public deals with the threat of fire.
The residents were warned about the drill, but many of them participated. However, some did not.
Fire drills are essential for every home and maybe even more soin homes with small children and those living in apartment buildings.
Residents need to know the proper procedure to follow during a fire.
Knowing what to do and when to do it could mean the difference between life and death.
Fire fatalities are rare in Russellville. Nobody thinks it could ever happen to us until a six-year-old boy reminds us differently.
I hope those who did not participate in last week's drill at the complex were not at home, and I hope that should a real fire occur, they will leave the building immediately without regard to what they are leaving behind.
I know the Russellville Fire Department will do everything they can to make sure everyone is out of the building including risking their own lives.
October is Fire Safety Month and the Russellville Fire Department is working hard to get the message out about having working smoke detectors, exit drills in the home, and making sure every home is well protected from the threat of fire.
Even though October is the month nationally recognized for this purpose. The guys in Russellville spent time getting the message out about fire safety all year long.
So regardless of the season, the guys are working hard to educate homeowners about the dangers of fire and potential risks.
I hope everyone will change the batteries in their smoke detectors, and make sure you have fire drills in the home especially if you have small children.
Let your children hear the smoke detector go off and let them know not to hide or be afraid.
Show them the best two ways to get out of every room, and practice, practice, practice.
It is my sincere home that none of you will wake up with your house on fire, but if you do my prayer is that you and your children will know what to do in order for everyone to be kept safe.