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Republican bus tour makes county stop

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
A busload of state Republican candidates stumped in the county Wednesday, making a final push before the Nov. 4 general election.
The group met with county party members outside the county courthouse and worked their way through downtown Russellville trying to persuade undecided voters.
It marked the 50th county the bus has visited since Sept. 22.
The tour will conclude in Washington County on Oct. 22.
"It's been wonderful meeting the people of Alabama," said Beth Kellum, a candidate for the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 1.
"The majority of Alabamians live in communities like Russellville and Franklin County. Not everyone lives in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and Huntsville."
Mary Windom, who is the wife of former Lt. Gov. Steve Windom and a candidate for the Court of Appeals, Place 2, said that visiting each county in Alabama gives citizens an opportunity to get to know statewide candidates that they might not otherwise get to.
The statewide candidates to visit Franklin County were Kellum, Windom, state board of education candidate Gary Warren and a representative for public service commission candidate Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh.
Hometown Connection Coordinator Hope Curry said she hoped residents would get to see the candidates on a personal level and see what they stand for.
Although Franklin County has leaned toward the Democratic Party in the past, Kellum wanted residents to understand that she shares the values of most of the county residents here.
"Russellville and Franklin County's values are the same as our values," she said.
One candidate on hand has ties to this area.
Warren, a retired educator from Haleyville who is seeking a spot on the state's school board, said that he wants to integrate the education system with the job market.
"We need to tie education into business and industry," he said.