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Civitans assist RHS band fundraiser

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Russellville Civitan Club is working to help the Russellville High School Marching Hundred fund the transportation for its upcoming Thanksgiving trip.
The club has agreed to host a Swamp John's fundraiser on Thursday, Oct. 23 and give the band a portion of the proceeds.
"This is an opportunity for our club to help our community," said Pat Lane, Civitans treasurer.
The proceeds will go toward the band's trip to Philadelphia, where they will be performing in the Thanksgiving Day parade.
Gary McNutt, RHS director of bands, said the transportation cost alone will be around $25,000, and that was the lowest bid received.
"We had several bids, and this was the cheapest," McNutt said. "We are trying to do everything we can to save on transportation cost this year, including taking school buses to out-of-town ballgames."
The tickets cost $9 each, and chicken or fish plates will be available. Tickets can be purchased from any band or Civitan Club member.