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Working for you

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
As a kid growing up in this community, I never understood why my classmates wanted to move away when they had the chance.
I told several people while in high school that I planned on coming back here. Then, after moving to Tuscaloosa, I must admit, my changed a little.
I could see the benefits that other places had to offer that we might not necessarily have here. There is quicker access to more restaurants, more choices in shopping and more entertainment options.
There is life outside of Franklin County.
But, no matter what else a place has to offer, it's not home.
So far in my young career I have been blessed enough to have an opportunity to stay at home. I am thankful for that.
I grew up reading this paper. It was my paper, just like it is your paper.
The Franklin County Times has been serving Franklin County since 1879. Next year we will be celebrating our 130th year in business.
That is quite an accomplishment that we are proud of.
Being the community newspaper for a county like ours is quite a responsibility. We hold ourselves to high standards and work our hardest to do things in a way that we can all be proud of.
Needless to say, we are not staffed with the numbers that other larger metropolitan papers have, but what we lack in numbers, we try to make up for with hard work.
The flag across the top of our paper truly reflects what we strive to be – The Franklin County Times.
We want you to know what's happening in your community. We want to provide advertising opportunities for your businesses.
There are hard times ahead for our nation and many of us are feeling that today, but there is still plenty to be proud of in Franklin County.
In our continuing efforts to provide you with the best community newspaper that we can be, I encourage each of you to take a role in working with us.
Send us photos of your families, your ball teams, your church happenings.
Send us news happenings or things that you are concerned about.
In the coming weeks we will be making some changes that should prepare us for the future and we want you all to be part of making The Franklin County Times your community newspaper for another 130 years.