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Clean municipal races provide welcome contrast

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Franklin County Times
There will be six elections this year in Alabama, starting with the presidential primary and in Feb. 5 and concluding with the general election Nov. 4.
As usual, voters have been pummeled with negative campaigning from the marketing staffs of Democratic nominee Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain, and we can only expect the mudslinging to worsen as Super Tuesday approaches.
Red Bay and Russellville will each have a new mayor and council beginning Nov. 3 after Tuesday's municipal runoff vote, while Phil Campbell re-elected its council in the Aug. 26 municipal election.
The local candidates did a commendable job of focusing on the issues, instead of wasting their money and the voters' time with personal attacks. It's also heartening to hear the losing candidates state their support for the newly-elected mayors and council members.
It will take both an active community and determined government officials to attract more industry, provide more leisure activities for our youth and seniors, aid local schools and improve the city's appearance.