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Old traditions and new beginnings

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
This weekend was a special one for many people in the county.
It was homecoming at Russellville High School.
A school which has a rich and proud history.
There are few schools whose tradition and past are such a source of pride as they are in Russellville.
No matter how many years its been since graduates have left the halls of the school, they still stand with an outstretched arm and closed fist emblematic of a torch raised in the air at the playing of the school's alma mater or a kickoff during a football game.
It is a tradition like no other.
But each school has its own traditions and rituals that make them special.
This week also marked homecoming at Tharptown High School.
Tharptown has always had its own proud traditions in the community and the school. For years, it served as a junior high school for generations of area residents.
But with this school, Tharptown will have something it's never had – a graduating class.
The students who finish at the school this year won't be leaving for three more years at some school they have never known.
They will be leaving with a diploma in their hand and looking for their next big step in life.
Homecoming there this year will be a stepping-stone for more traditions in the future. There are so many possibilities for that school and community as we move into the future, and its good to see another county school making new memories.