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Fall festival raises nearly $10K for school

By Staff
Melissa Cason
EAST FRANKLIN – The annual East Franklin Fall Festival raked in almost $10,000 to help fund needed supplies for the school.
Principal Gary Harris said the school's net profit for the fundraiser is $9,908.24.
"We did very well considering we only had one candidate for Miss East Franklin and one candidate for Mr. East Franklin," Harris said. "We are very pleased with the numbers this year."
The Mr. and Miss East Franklin candidates brought in a combined total of $4,337.32.
"They could have only raised $100 each and still be Mr. and Miss East Franklin," Harris said. "They did very well."
The festival, which included the dollar admission and the games, brought in $4,683, and the chances for the TV and DVD players brought in $3,048.
Less the total expenses of hosting the fundraisers, the school made almost $10,000.
"The school has the best community support of any school anywhere," Harris said. "You [the community] are the best, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We could not exist as a school without your support."
Harris also wanted to thank everyone who made a cake or brought in a bingo prize since the bingo game is the festival's biggest attractions.
"We always have good bingo prizes because we get most of the items donated by local businesses," Jenny Wynn, secretary, said.
The businesses who contributed are Praise Corner, Burger King of Haleyville, Piggly Wiggly of Haleyville, Sight &Sound Video, Blue Kangaroo/Clubhouse, Needmore Tobacco and Tan, Rode's Lumber, Goar's Big Star, Glass House Car Wash of Haleyville, A&H Woodworking, Harden Manufacturing, Heads up Salon, Fred of Russellville, Pro-Tan, Franklin County Co-op, Walmart of Russellville, Parker's Discount, Rancho Viejo, Frosty Inn, Nails for You, Wagon Wheel, Yogi's, Pilgrim's Place, Midsouth, Catfish Haven, Smith's Feed &Seed, Dairy Queen, Lei Nails, Lana's Salon, Jack's of Russellville, Backstreet Deli, Taylor's, Advanced Auto, Glass House Car Wash of Russellville, Audrey's, CVS Pharamacy, Marty's Meat Market, Stidham's, Valley State Bank, Dollar General of Phil Campbell, Piggly Wiggly of Phil Campbell, Tan &Browse, Levi's Florist, Chat &Chew, Willie's, Deedra's Salon, B&J Cafe, Carol Hall, Mt. Top Cafe, Paulette Nichols, Newell's Processing, Union Hill church, Jason Cumming's store, Alan Rhudy and Community Spirit Bank; Mike Vaughn and First Metro Bank; and Hilary Hall and Bank Independent.