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Scott case sparks local reaction

By Staff
Melissa Cason
While the community is dealing with the emotional death of a 6-year-old child, the local judicial system is working to prove his mother is responsible for the child's death. Local residents are not surprised that something such as this could happen in a small town like Russellville.
Christi Franks said she suspected that Christie Scott intended to kill her son because she had seen him at school.
Franks' daughter attended a local preschool with Mason, and Franks said she and the other parents are devastated in the turn of events but wasn't surprised by Christie Scott's arrest Monday.
"My first reaction was 'she did it,'" Franks said. "Because I saw the way she treated her son at school."
Sherman Flanagan of Phil Campbell said he didn't know the Scotts but he is not surprised in the capital murder indictment handed down by the September grand jury.
"It happens everywhere, even here," Flanagan said. "I couldn't imagine anyone burning their own child, but it happens."
Dennis Bevis of Tuscumbia shared the same sentiments as Flanagan.
"It happens everywhere else, why not Russellville?" Bevis said.
While most of the people interviewed where not surprised, some were stunned by the news.
Jennifer Hyde attended the same high school as Scott, and she was floored to learn that Scott was suspected of such a thing.
"I was blown away," Hyde said. "And I am still shocked."
Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett said in the press conference Monday that any child's death is difficult for a community to deal with, regardless of the cause.
"Anytime there is a loss of a child, it's devastating to the family, the school and the community," Hargett said. "The community has had a lot of questions. I am hoping (the arrest) can put some closure on (on Mason's death for the community)."