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Reserves raise class funds

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Franklin County Sheriff's Department Reserves will hold a fundraiser in order to host another reserve academy early next year.
Lt. Mike Franklin, reserve commander, said they have to raise the money in order to have the class.
"It takes about $2,000 to have a class of 15 reserves," Franklin said. "So we are working toward raising the money and we'll start in January if we can raise the money."
Franklin said the reserve academy is like a mini-police academy taught by officers and department trainers.
"We teach them a little about each aspect of police work," Franklin said. "Reserves must pass a series of tests on paper and in practice."
Franklin said the reserves will host a trail Rrde on Saturday, Oct. 18 at 9 a.m. at the Circle K station bordering the Franklin and Lawrence County lines.
The cost to participate in the ride is $5, and in addition to the ride itself, the reserves are selling chances for a saddle or $500 in cash.
"Each reserve has been asked to sell at least 20 tickets for the drawing," Franklin said.
Tickets for the drawing are $3 each or two for $5.
"We hope we will raise enough to be able to have another class but if we don't, the reserves will have to have another fundraiser," Franklin said.
The FCSD Reserves currently have 30 members who support the deputies in their duties on the streets and in administration. In order to participate in the reserve program, individuals must log in 100 hours of volunteer time.
"The reserves are volunteers," Franklin said. "They help our deputies a great deal but they don't get paid in any way."
Donations to the reserves can be made at the Franklin County Jail Administrative building.
For more information on the fundraiser, call 336-4704, 366-4706, or 332-8807.