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Fall festival helps local

By Staff
school stay open
Today is the first day of October, and fall is already here. Many traditional things accompany fall, and one of those traditions is the East Franklin Fall Festival.
The festival is the school's way of raising money to purchase needed items such as paper goods and cleaning supplies and any other items not afforded in the budget.
This fundraiser is very important to the school, which has approximately 200 students.
Money is very tight for this school, and community support is crucial to its existence.
The festival brings all the festival favorites like a cakewalk, bingo, ring toss and other fun games so that parents and students can have fun while raising money for the school.
While the event may seem to be an annual thing that doesn't need much attention, the truth is it takes a lot of work to coordinate the prizes, games and concessions for the event so organizers start planning weeks ahead of time.
We thank everyone who takes the time out of their busy lives to make the extra effort to plan this annual event so that the school will have a successful fundraiser.
Community support is something East Franklin has plenty of, and it's because of this support that the doors of the school are still open.
We thank the residents of East Franklin for supporting their school.
We hope this year's Fall Festival is the best ever.