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Planning October fun

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Franklin County Times
The colors of fall remind us of the sweet potatoes, grilled meats, zesty casseroles and colorful salads. Some of us are checking on tasty loaf breads that are easy to freeze. Halloween parties are on the agenda and churches and schools plan Fall Festivals.
We want to plan something special for trick or treaters who knock on our doors.
This is a magical time for children, who will long remember those who had unusual snacks for their spooky visits.
Grilling is a fun thing on these pleasant cool nights.
Whatever your preference you may want to try the grilling recipe included on our recipe page this week.
When you are grilling for the adults the children might prefer hot dogs or hamburgers which are easy to place on the edge of your cooking grill.
Then everyone is happy. If your preference is beef baked in your oven try our very different meat loaf this week.
The unusual bean salad choice on our page is going to be good with grilled food.
When it turns cooler it just seems right to cook with coconut, pumpkin, and chocolate.
It is just part of the season. Having deserts with these ingredients seems to blend with your Fall recipes. I will never forget when I first found a recipe for Buttermilk Pie.
Never having eaten one before it was hard to imagine a pie made out of buttermilk.
The recipe this week for Buttermilk Pie has some new ingredients added including pineapple, coconut and lemon juice.
We are really looking forward to cooking this recipe. It will also be easy to freeze.
Be sure you take time to gather the ingredients to make the Fudgey Souffle Cake great for a Halloween Treat.
It has a warm easy sauce to pour over it and will capture the attention of any chocolate lover.
Some of these recipes will be easy to freeze for busy holiday days ahead.
Enjoy your kitchen and enjoy the smiles on the faces of those you feed.
Suzanne Langcuster is the weekly food columnist for the Franklin County Times, and host of What's Cooking Suzanne?, a local food show.