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Show support by attending Kudzu Klassic

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Franklin County Times
This weekend 12 marching bands from across the region will converge at Russellville High School for the Tri-State Kudzu Klassic "Festival of the Bands."
It is the first time in several years RHS has hosted a marching competition and this one will be for a worthy cause – proceeds will help fund the Russellville band's trip to Philadelphia to march in a Thanksgiving parade.
This is a great way to raise money for several reasons.
First, band members will not have to worry about selling cookie dough or coupon books while many other student organizations are selling those same items. This is a unique fundraiser that nobody else can offer, so the Marching Hundred can monopolize the entire fundraising effort.
Second, it gives the participating bands a chance to perform for crowds in a non-football setting. During halftime many fans scramble from their seats to hit the restroom or grab a snack and miss the halftime show.
Finally, this type of fundraising could open a new world to several people. If parents buy cookie dough, their children will only be inspired to eat cookies.
If parents take their children to this show, some of those children will be inspired to join the band and become interested in music – which some studies show can increase performance in subjects like math and science.