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Play ball for a good cause

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Franklin County Times
Softball is the favorite pastime for many residents in our county. Fall and summer softball teams take to the field and play for fun. This Friday and Saturday, you can take to the field for a good cause.
There will be a softball tournament held in East Franklin beginning Friday night, and all the money raised will go to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.
Today is the last day to register for the tournament, and we hope that many of you saw the story in the paper last week and decided to have fun and raise money for cancer research.
Millions of people are affected by cancer each year, and many think there is nothing we can do, but there is. We can all come together to raise money for cancer research. Thanks to research, cancer is no longer a death sentence. There are survivors of the disease everywhere. Thanks to research, there are stronger, more effective drugs, which is part of the reason there are more survivors. Thanks to research there are different ways to detecting the disease earlier, which is also a reason for more survivors.
Regardless of how you look at it, research is the key to beating the disease, and there is no better way to give your money than by participating in the softball tournament this weekend.
We encourage everyone who can to form a team today, and register for the tournament. And for those who cannot play, attending the tournament and purchasing concessions will also help fund cancer research thanks to the Relay for Life team at Oak Grove FW Baptist Church.
We hope this will be a very successful fundraiser, and we hope everyone has fun helping raise money for the ACS.