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City schools approve $25.2 million budget

By Staff
Kim West
Russellville City Schools passed a $25.2 million operation budget for the 2008-09 fiscal year at its monthly board meeting Thursday.
"It's very tight but it's a balanced budget of $25,245,640," said Lisa Witt, chief finance officer for the RCS system. "We were cut by our state budget in every way except for capital purchasing by $310,571, and our local match increased $165,578."
State funding for textbooks and professional development were among the cuts that affected year's budget, which allotted 61 percent of funds – more than $15.7 million – to instructional and instructional support services.
"From the state this year we were budgeted $57.50 per student and $35 per teacher for professional development," Witt said. "This really emphasizes the importance of local funding to fill in the gaps."
There were no across-the-board raises but mandatory step raises were included the budget. The system totaled 183 teacher units and 246.50 combined staff units.
"I'd like to express my gratitude to Ms. Witt because she has done an exceptional job, and she'll be the first to say all of the central office staff has done a great job on the budget," said superintendent Dr. Wayne Ray. "This budget follows the old adage of, 'The cloth is cut real close to the pattern.'"
In other business the board members approved: