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THS is in need of a victory

By Staff
Scot Beard
THARPTOWN – If the Tharptown football team wants to achieve its goal of qualifying for the playoffs in its first season of eligibility, it will need a win tonight against Phillips.
The Wildcats have lost their first three games – all against region opponents – and are facing an offense averaging 50 points per game.
"We didn't try to sugar coat it," Tharptown coach Barry Laster said. "We've been working on defense all week. We've worked on pass rush, pursuit angles and tackling."
Even if the Wildcats can contain the Black Bear offense – which only scored 14 points in a loss to Speak last week – the Tharptown offense might struggle. Quarterback Tyler Cagle did not play in the second half against Waterloo last week because of an injury and will not play this week.
Sophomore Brandon Cothrum will get the nod from Laster, who said the young player is picking up the offense quickly.
Laster said the best chance for the Wildcats to win this game would be for the offense to remain disciplined.
"Penalties and turnovers have been a plague for us," Laster said.