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Quinn's Ranch making a difference

By Staff
Melissa Cason
RED BAY – Twenty-year-old Matthew said living at Quinn's Ranch in Red Bay saved his life by providing him a stable home where he learned about God, and how become a good person.
"I probably would be dead if it were not for Quinn's Ranch," he said about the place he called home for four years. "They really saved my life."
Matthew left the ranch a few months ago, and has begun his life independent from the boy's home. He has a job and a place to live.
All of these things are what Director Shea Lowery hopes for each boy that enters the home.
"We want to give them a home," Lowery said. "It's a home like any other home. We try to give the boys all they need to take into adulthood."
Quinn's Ranch has been open for several years, and has become home to several boys.
Lowery said the boys learn about becoming good, productive citizens while living at the ranch. They have counseling in addition to character education and life skills.
"We have a program where a high school football coach comes in about once a month and talks to the about becoming good fathers, and good husbands," Lowery said. "On the life skills end, we have someone who comes in and teaches the boys basic life skills like balancing a checkbook and managing money."
Lowery said the success they have found at the ranch is due to years of work and dedication from the community, staff, the board of directors and advisory board members.
"We have found support throughout the state and outside of Alabama," Lowery said. "It's because of this support, we are able to help these boys like we do."
Lowery said community support for Quinn's has been excellent with local businesses, churches and individuals pitching in to help.
"We have one church from North Alabama that has agreed to come in and fix whatever we need fixed once a month as part of their commitment to Quinn's Ranch," Lowery said. "It's support such as this that keep us going."
In addition to community support, the ranch also hosts several fundraisers that bring in funds to help keep the home open and running.
"We are already accepting orders for our Christmas cards," Lowery said. "Last year, we sold over 20,000 Christmas cards, and we plan to offer them again."
The home also hosts several dinners per year, and the annual hunting tournament that has brought the home national attention from Mossy Oak.
"Mossy Oak came last year, and will be back this year," Lowery said. "They will filming another show here. The show they taped last year will be show in January."
Lowery said that several years ago Mossy Oak came and when the show aired, the home received numerous phone calls and other inquires about helping with Quinn's Ranch.
Lowery said she is thankful for everyone who has supported the ranch over the years including her own children, Mandy Lowery Morrow, and Randy Lowery.
"My kids have been involved with the ranch since it opened, and they continue to be apart of the ranch family," Lowery said. "I am so proud of my kids."
Mandy is currently in college earning her degree and recently married Tyler Morrow; and Randy is attending University of West Alabama on a football scholarship.
For more information on how you can help Quinn's Ranch or for more information on their fundraisers, call 256-356-8900.