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Auction house boosts local economy

By Staff
The Northwest Alabama Livestock Auction house has been in business for many years, and it brings in farmers from Tennessee and Mississippi as well as North Alabama.
Buying and selling livestock is the lifeline of local farmers, and it's vital they have a good facility to buy and sell their livestock locally.
The sale barn employs five full-time and approximately 20 part-time employees. In addition to helping local farmers with their livestock auctioning needs, the barn actually helps the local economy.
When out-of-town buyers and sellers come into Franklin County to complete their transactions, they bring create new revenue streams by eating and buying gas in Franklin County. This, in turn, generates tax money to provide for our local citizens.
It's is good to see that an organization that is vital to our county is in good shape and going strong.
We hope that the sale barn will continue to provide a boost to the local economy and help county farmers by giving them a local place to sell their livestock.