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Manna from heaven

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Franklin County Times
There is a tradition in the South that is both heartwarming and charitable. Many people practice it. It is a service of love.
When you are on the receiving end it is a very humbling experience.
Recently we had a death in our family.
Within hours family and friends were arriving at our door with food, that would warm our heats and fill our stomachs.
It was random gifts of food that were really not planned but the miracle of it was that it make a delicious meal.
Our family arrived from out of town and the food was ample until they left.
It always amazes me how random acts of kindness can turn into such a blessing.
On the day of the funeral, we put everything out and had food aplenty all cooked and prepared.
Since this just happened to us I began to think of dishes and food we could prepare ourselves to share with others in times of need.
Many of you are to busy with family to prepare dishes when you are working.
Good food items can be purchased at the deli of your grocery store.
Also, it really helps the family if you deliver in disposable dishes so they won't have to return.
Here are some helpful suggestions:
Gallon jugs of sweet tea
Cold drinks
Fresh breads and rolls
Fruit juices
Baked hams, fried chicken, or chicken nuggets
Canned jellies, slaws, or pickles
Baked beans
Muffins, doughnuts,and sausage rolls for breakfast
Fresh fruit bowls
Large tossed salads
Quick pies and cobblers
Mac and cheese
Assorted chips
Fresh vegetables, prepared
And, I'm sure you have favorites you like to share.
Sharing is a beautiful thing.
In the dictionary, one of the definitions for manna is, any needed sustenance that seems miraculously supplied.
It is not so much the dish as it is the thought that someone cares.
It becomes manna from heaven!
Suzanne Langcuster is a local food columnist for The Franklin County Times. Her column appears here weekly, and host of What's Cooking Suzanne?