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Ike's wrath threatens more than coast

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Franklin County Times
Friday afternoon, area residents lined the street outside of gas stations looking to save a few pennies per gallon of gas.
It is a sad testament to our times that we have to be so fearful of high gas prices, or even running out of gas, that we base everything we do on our next tank of gas.
Rather than worrying about a shoreline filled with stranded residents facing an eminent hurricane threat, we were all too busy worrying how Hurricane Ike would affect us at the gas pump.
There is certainly nothing wrong with looking at how events like that affect us personally, but it is a cause for concern that those are the times we live in.
Hopefully one day we can see the benefits of our own oil drilling and not worry about shortages we could face due to a storm.
Something must be done soon.
Our country is too great and our people work too hard to live in fear of being stranded at home due to gas prices.