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Fire safety measures a necessity in our homes

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Franklin County Times
The Russellville Fire Department is kicking off National Fire Safety Month early in an effort to reach as many people as possible about fire safety.
Statistics show that 80 percent of homes have smoke detectors, but 20 percent of those detectors don't work, and that's where the fire deaths are found.
Having a smoke detector in good working condition is essential for fire safety.
If it doesn't work, it's like not having one at all.
So check your smoke detector batteries and check it often – once per month.
And change the battery once per year.
Also make a plan with your family.
Every room should have two exits in case of a fire, and practice it.
If you don't practice it, you might as well not have a plan.
We hope that everyone will take these tips to heart and be aware that fires can happen to anyone, anywhere.
Thank you Russellville Fire Department for your efforts.