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Fun watching history

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
I have always been interested in history and politics.
As a matter of fact, I got a minor in history in college. I could have gotten a major in it with just another couple of classes, but I saw no need in sticking around for that.
Politics has also been an interest of mine. Although I have never really found myself to be so engrossed with it that I follow elections very closely.
I have traditionally made my mind up pretty early on in the election process and have admittedly become a little narrow minded to other candidates.
That has probably been the case this year as well, but I have definitely found this to be the most interesting and entertaining presidential race of my lifetime.
I was too young to remember Ronald Reagan's races for the White House, but distinctly remember the first President George Bush and how he defeated Michael Dukakis.
Of course I remember President Bill Clinton's two terms and his races against Bush and Bob Dole.
And the last two, between the second President Bush and Al Gore and four years later between Bush and John Kerry are clear in my mind.
But as this year's election hits the homestretch I don't know if there's ever been another like it.
No matter what happens and which party wins, history will be made.
It has been, if nothing else, fun to watch. My wife and I have even recorded convention speeches on our DVR.
That is something we only do for sports and our favorite shows.
But we didn't want to miss Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday night. We didn't know anything about her so we wanted a quick little lesson.
Did we ever get one?
She, like Barack Obama, is a powerful speaker and a stage stealer. I just hope their policymaking is as good as their words.
However we look back on this election, it has been fun to watch and one that will change our country forever.