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Thankful for aprons

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Franklin County Times
Thank goodness we still have friends and family who give aprons for birthdays, Christmas, and just as a friendly gesture. Try cooking a meal and chances are you will splash, spill, or sling cooking oil, bacon drippings, cooking oil, our your favorite casserole on yourself somewhere. Flour is my easiest thing to make a mess with when I am using it. No matter how careful, flour seems to jump to my clothing, especially if it is a dark colored garment. So, what can we do about this problem? Aprons' That's what! They are about a 90 percent solution to keeping yourself spot free.
In the old days, when we were enjoying our childhood, children often helped clean up after a family meal, especially on Sundays. We remember walking up to the kitchen sink in our church going clothes, and Mother or our Grandmother, would come over and say,"Here, you need an apron" and gently tie one around your waist. Usually these were the little half made aprons that covered you from your waist down and tied with a sash in the back.
Other aprons used were the kind that had a bib over your upper body and was connected to the half skirt that had a tie in the back. Usually the straps that went over your head were adjustable and this apron kept you even cleaner because it covered more of you.
Then there was the smock type that artist use. It really covered nearly your whole outfit, and snapped down the front. These are very handy and can be used for a variety of jobs. You can purchase these at the local Dollar Stores.
Sometimes a lot of hard work goes into making an apron. Some seamstresses enjoy doing a lot of needlework on these aprons. You will find embroidered birds, muffins, flours, and monograms. Some enjoy using cross stitch on gingham material to make a unique design. Others may add rickrack or lace to make a unique apron. Each homemade apron is a memory of a favorite relative or an old friend. I can't part with them. Don't want to. Aprons can be any color or print you want to choose. They can really brighten up your day and your kitchen also.
Hang your aprons somewhere in your kitchen or a close room to the kitchen where you can grab one quickly. See if it doesn't help you have an easier clean up time.