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New store locates in downtown Russellville

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Tina Murray said business has been good at her new store, Ect., Ect., located in downtown Russellville.
Murray said the store has been open since Aug. 8, and every week more and more customers find their way into her store.
"I get a few new customers every week so we are building our customer base slowly," Murray said.
Even though the store has been opened for less than a month, Murray has been selling items to Russellville for several months.
"I started having yard sales several months ago, and was doing so well I decided to open a store," Murray said.
Most of the items in the store are new items, but that will soon change.
"I am eliminating our used section because I need to make room for the new stuff," Murray said.
Nothing in the store is over $8, and on Mondays and Fridays, everything is $3.
Murray is able to sell the items at such a good price because she finds them at deep discounts herself.
"I go all over the state looking for items for our store, and am able to pass the savings on to the customer and stay in business," she said.
Murray said she wants everyone to know each item is inspected and irregulars are pulled from the shelf and never sold.
"I want to sell good quality items not irregulars," she said. "So, I inspect each item thoroughly."
She said she is excited about having a business in Russellville and hopes to be able to bring discounted clothing items to the city for years to come.