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New opportunities

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Franklin County voters went to the polls again this week and let their feelings be known that they are ready for change.
Russellville and Red Bay will have entirely different city councils and Red Bay is looking at a run-off for the mayor's race.
Voters have already elected an all new county commission, so the sentiment for change has been pretty strong this year.
Politics, especially on the local level, is a funny thing.
Sometimes people work hard, have the best intentions in all they do and it is still not enough. Other times, those same people can't get things accomplished because of the people they are working with, while other times, things are just out of their control.
However you look at it, when something's not working, it has to be changed.
I guess that is the sentiment people went to the polls with this year.
As has been said by many people throughout the election process this year, the next four years are critical. This county has many things in its favor and unfortunately, many things that are hindering us.
Overcoming those obstacles and getting everyone on the same page is absolutely necessary for us to take the steps we need.
Industries have been looking at and moving to areas all around us so suppliers will need a place to locate as well. The new I-22 through Marion County will finally give Franklin County a better proximity to the interstate and it looks like local officials are starting to get serious about building some spec buildings so industries will have something to move into when they are ready.
So, there are some things that point to a better future ahead, but it will take work by all of us.
Anytime entire government bodies are replaced new agendas immediately take priority. Every candidate had something they wanted to get done and that's why they ran for office. Getting those items accomplished becomes their job now.
These are the people that we have entrusted to work for us for the next four years, but it is our job to work with them.
This is a new opportunity, so let's take advantage of it.