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Red Bay elects new council, mayor in run-off

By Staff
Melissa Cason
RED BAY – The city of Red Bay will have all new council members in November.
Voters opted to clean house with the council by electing new city leaders.
"The voters came out and said they wanted change today," Bud Strickland said. "And they got what they asked for."
In place one, incumbent Pat Hammock received 381 votes. Mike Kennedy received 757 votes, and Joel Rooker received 162 votes. Kennedy will replace Hammock in November.
In place two, incumbent David Martin received 429 votes and Mike Stockton received 854 votes.
Stockton said the first order of business should be getting new industry and businesses in the city in order to move the city forward.
"I am humbled by the vote," Stockton said.
"People wanted change, now it's time to deliver."
Stockton plans to make the city goals and work to obtain those goals in every facet of the city.
In place four, incumbent Ann Wilkins received 282 votes. Ron Harris received 259 votes. Charlene Fancher received 690 votes, and Katena Armstrong received 74 votes. Fancher takes place four.
Fancher said the first order of business should be to get a city budget in place as soon as possible.
"The fiscal year begins in October so we will have to get to work right away because we will be a month behind on the budget," Fancher said.
Fancher said recruiting industrial development is also high on her agenda to bring in more jobs. She said she sees the council as one big team working for the good of the city.
"We need to work with each department in the city to serve the citizens of Red Bay," Fancher said.
In place five, incumbent Ricky Holland received 253 votes.
Brad Bolton received 937, and Steven Garrison received 115 votes. Bolton takes place five.
While there will be an entire new council in November, the mayor's race has yet to be decided.
There will be a run off between incumbent Jeff Reid and Bobby Forsythe.
Reid received 353 votes to Forsythe's 638 votes. Lester Deaton was defeated with 318 votes.
"It's time to get to work," Forsythe said.
"Tomorrow I am going to wake up and plan the next six weeks for campaigning."
Forsythe sees a better Red Bay and hopes to make that vision a reality by recruiting more jobs, be more sensitive to the citizen's needs, involve the creativity of citizens in the local government, and provide a city the citizens can be proud of.
"I want the citizens to be proud to be from Red Bay," Forsythe said.
Reid said he is disappointed by the votes, but plans to get busy campaigning for the upcoming run-off election.
"I am naturally disappointed but I plan to work to better the city the best that I can," Reid said.
The run-off will be held October 7.
Election officials said there was a total of 1207 votes cast Tuesday and 115 absentee votes counted.