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It's time to work with the ones we put in office

By Staff
Franklin County voters who made their way to the polls Tuesday should be commended.
Despite a steady rain all day, it appeared that voters had decided that they would not be stopped from getting to the election booth.
There have been a variety of issues at hand this year in Franklin County and each municipality has had their own share of things to deal with.
By voting to keep their community leaders or to get rid of them, county voters did their part in protecting this Democracy that we treasure so much.
There are several seats still up for grabs that won't be determined until October's run-off elections, but we now have a better idea of who will be representing us.
There are many challenges ahead, but there is still plenty to work with.
Franklin County and each city within its borders is capable of great things with the right kind of leadership.
The next four years are crucial to the county's future, so it's time we all roll up our sleeves and get to work.
We picked them, let's work with them.