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Municipal elections scheduled Tuesday

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Voters across the state will go to the polls Tuesday to choose their local officials, and Franklin County is no exception. Polls will be open across the county from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The candidates for the upcoming election are:
Vina, D.W. Franklin and J.F. Scott for mayor; Bill Moomaw and Carol Davis for place two.
Phil Campbell, Kenneth Lynn and Jerry Mays for mayor, and Dewey Cooper and Elvis Engle for place four.
Hodges, Nick Howard and Ed Crouch for mayor; Raymond Cantrell and Samantha Gann for place one; Shirley Holland and Melissa McHenry for place two; Betty Gober and Gregg Scott for place three; Heather Clingan and Ronald Holland for place five.
Red Bay, Jeff Reid, Bobby Forsythe, and Lester Deaton for mayor; Mike Kennedy, Joel Rooker and Pat Hammock for place one; Mike Stockton and David Martin for place two; Katena Armstrong, Charlene Fancher, Ron Harris, and Ann Wilkins for place four; and Steve Garrison, Brad M. Bolton, and Ricky Holland for place five.
Officials for Red Bay, Vina, Hodges and Phil Campbell are members at large, but Russellville's officials are elected in districts.
The candidates for Russellville are Troy Oliver, Burns "Buckshot" Saint, and Greg Willis for mayor; Craig R. Grissom, Jeff Masterson, and David Palmer for district one; Johnny C. Brown, David Kennedy, and William Nale for district two; Roy Cornelison, Gary Cummings, and David Hester for district three; Matt Cummings, Charles A. Dale, Tommy Hamilton, and Lanny H. Hubbard for district four.
The candidates who were unopposed have already been certified by their respective councils.
Phil Campbell Town Clerk Ann Bragwell said there have been a few changes this year with the challenged votes.
"This year we will have provisional votes that will have to go to the registrar's office so that they can make sure the ballot should be counted," Bragwell said.
She said the provisional ballot will take the place of a challenged vote. Poll workers cannot disallow someone to vote in a municipal election, but those not on the voter's list will have to vote on a provisional ballot.
These ballots will not be feed into the electronic voting machines.
The official results of the election will not be announced until the provisional ballots are returned back to the municipality, which will be Sept. 2.