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Girl scouts host political rally as fundraiser

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Guests at this week's Girl Scouts talent show in Russellville got a rare mix of food, music and – politics.
The city's Girl Scout troop hosted a political forum Tuesday night during their talent show.
The girls are working on a merit badge about community and civic involvement and decided to add the political forum to the evening.
"Our girls have had talent shows in the past and they love performing so I put the two crowds together and had a super night," said Missy Richey, who organized the evening.
Richey's son, Art, a student at Birmingham Southern College and president of the state's college democrats, emceed.
"We had eight political candidates come to the event," Richey said.
The political candidates were asked by a variety of girl scouts "What would you do for the girls in Russellville?"
After one candidate jokingly said he would ship all the boys away from Russellville, he replied that he would help with better recreation programs. Another candidate said he would like to see more science programs offered for girls in Russellville.
One of the highlights of the evening was an appearance by Sen. Roger Bedford.
Most all of the candidates in attendance bought a cake during an auction. Richey said the troop raised $650.
Richey said any girl that wants to join the scouting troop may come to the Methodist Church on the first and third Tuesday of any month at 4 p.m.