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Up and down I go

By Staff
Scot Beard
Franklin County Times
I know it is a clich/, but life is like a rollercoaster.
The first climb is childhood; the initial descent is the teen years.
After that, you have a series of ups and downs trying to confuse you until you return to the station.
The last four weeks I was going through the corkscrew portion of the ride and could not decide if I wanted to laugh, cry, scream or vomit.
It started in mid July when our economic stimulus check arrived.
We had planned to use some of the money to do some minor repairs around the house and put the rest into savings.
Apparently the government was serious about stimulating the economy, because we were unable to spend much on our house and were not able to put any into savings.
Sparing great detail, I will say the only economies that got stimulated were those of my mechanic and doctor.
As I was mourning the loss of our free cash – and the extra padding for our meager nest egg – a new job opportunity became available.
I was enjoying the job I was at, but I felt this new job could be a better opportunity for my career so I took it.
I have liked my new job at The Franklin County Times from the first day.
I have met some interesting people and I like all of the coaches I have met.
My first two weeks have been eventful and I think I am going to enjoy covering sports in Franklin County.
Things were going great – until this past weekend.
Saturday was a great day. The weather was wonderful and my wife and I were able to get caught up on some much needed yard work.
Sunday started off great as well.
Then we went to my in-laws' house.
When we left, my wife was upset because of some comments made by her family. I felt horrible because I did not know the best way to console her and I was feeling helpless.
Before I could get her feeling better, another bombshell hit.
My grandfather, who has been in declining health, took a bad turn over the weekend.
He is still alive, but it is frustrating when he seems to be getting better only to have a relapse and have to return to the hospital.
So down the rollercoaster went, picking up speed as it rushed towards the ground.
As I prepared for impact, I had a comforting thought.
I have never been on a rollercoaster that ended on a dive – they have all had a small rise after the final, maddening descent.
Things may be bad now, but I know they will get better in time.
I can see the curves in the track ahead.