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It is time for election signs to come down

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Franklin County Times
There are so many wonderful sites to see around Franklin County.
A casual drive up Newburg Mountain or down U.S. 43 toward Hackleburg are two scenic routes this county can be proud of.
As motorists pass along these roads there are rolling hills, some creeks and plenty of farmland to gaze out.
Those eyes never get that far, however. Campaign signs litter our county like no other around.
With municipal elections only two weeks away and the county's general elections coming up in November, it is completely understandable for those candidates to put signs anywhere the law allows.
But there are hundreds of signs posted on right-of-ways and on power poles blaring candidate's names that were beaten in June. It is time for those to go.
It is our hope that candidates still running will take their signs down shortly after voters go to the polls, whether it be on Aug. 26 or Nov. 4.
But for those whose campaigns ended in June, please do your duty and give us our scenic roadsides back.