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Getting real

By Staff
Officers receive realistic training
Melissa Cason
MUSCLE SHOALS – Officers with the Russellville Police Department recently completed training to help them deal with realistic situations.
Police Chief Chris Hargett said the training was designed to put the officers in realistic situations to make them more prepared for their shifts.
"We want our officers to be prepared for anything," Hargett said.
The training was held at the Muscle Shoals firing range and in low light conditions.
Each officer had to deal with different scenarios that might happen while working from entering a residence to crawling through tunnels and windows.
Hargett said one of the things he works to get his officers out of the routine of doing is putting their firearms away after shooting at the target.
"We don't draw our weapons every day so it's routine for our officers to put their weapon in the holster after shooting at the target," Hargett said. "That's what we are trying to get them not to do. In a real life situation, the officer would make sure there is no threat before putting his gun away."
During the firearms part of the training, officers were instructed to shoot 20 rounds of ammunitions, which were divided into three magazines.
In addition to the training conditions, officers were instructed to dress as they would for work.
"Running and shooting feels different when you have all that extra equipment on," Hargett said. "I want to make sure they are ready."