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Staying cool this summer

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Franklin County Times
Alabama summers are wonderful even when it's very hot. But staying cool becomes priority number one. We start to think of cool places we can gather such as a mall, swimming pool, theater, or our own dens with the air conditioner and a fan going at the same time.
Churches are always nice and cool on Sunday mornings. I remember how we carried fans to church when I was young and fanned ourselves to keep cool all during the services. Air conditioning is a good thing.
There are many good ways to stay cool these days. One of the best is to select refreshing summer beverages that cool you down and while providing you with a healthy drink.
A variety of fruits mixed with decaffeinated ingredients and a big scoop of low-fat ice cream or sherbert can give you a healthy and tasty between-meal treat. Lemonade, orange juice, pineapple juice, apricot nectar, bananas, strawberries and lemon juice are some of the favorite fruits included in today's recipes. Mixed with chilled ginger ale and refrigerated until ready to serve can be a make-ahead, quick beverage, that is already fully prepared.
There are many memories of our childhood when we made trips to the ice plant located on Tuscaloosa Street that has since been destroyed. The Ice Plant was owned by Mr. Claude Marrow, a nice, friendly gentleman. We would purchase large blocks of ice, one to put in our refrigerator and the other one was used to break up our ice tea or to make homemade ice cream, which was a real treat on hot summer days.
Our cool drinks were mostly Kool-Aid and large pitchers of homemade lemonade filled with Mr. Morrow's ice – what a treat! There was not of drop of ice cream left when it was served and not a drop of lemonade or Kool Aide remaining when they were served. And then there was chilled watermellon, sliced and served to us – what a great taste.
It is much easier to get children to bed and to sleep when they have not comsumed too much sugar and certainly no caffeinated drinks. Choose natural summer beverages that will give them needed fruits and teach them how to enjoy these tastes. You are also training them how to take care of themselves as they age. Too many caffeine beverages can keep them wired up. When they relax, you relax.
I hope you an ice-cold drink and stay cool this summer.