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Hobby somewhat 'puzzling'

By Staff
Melissa Cason
This week has been marked as International Puzzle Week in the world of puzzle piecers. However, there's a place in Russellville where everyday is puzzle day, Country Cottage.
The retirement community is big on puzzles. There are boxes and boxes of puzzles can be found in the community's living room, and residents can often be found sitting at the table trying to get the picture together.
"We like to frame some of the puzzles we finish here," Regina Lawler said. "The one they are working on out there now will be framed and hung on the walls here."
Lawler said puzzles give the residents something productive to do, and it makes a great wall ornament when finished.
The Cottage residents like all sorts of puzzles with different art and different difficulty.
The puzzles are just one of the ways the Cottage is like home for the residents instead of a nursing home.
"We are an assisted living facility," Managing Director Betty Chesnut said. "We help our residents with different needs but we don't provide continual care."
The residents at the Cottage are free to come and go as the please and some can still drive. But, for those who can't drive, the staff helps them make doctor's appointments as well has takes them shopping in possible.
"There is always something going on at the Cottage here," Chesnut said. "And we welcome visitors from the community as well."
For more information on the Cottage, call 332-4707.