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Barack Obama?

By Staff
Jerry Fancher
What does Barack Obama stand for?
More and more we are seeing the liberal media cover for the Democratic presidential candidate.
The coverage of his relationship with the Rev. Wright has pushed aside coverage of his core beliefs. The liberal media have failed to show America his true beliefs.
Some of his proposals are:
1. Increase the taxes that the upper income taxpayers pay.
2. Double the capital gains tax. This would increase the taxes on over 50% of Americans who own stocks.
3. Double the dividend tax. This would most affect the elderly on fixed incomes.
4. Requiring Homeland Security to notify terror suspects that they are under investigation within seven days of the initiation of and investigation of a terrorist.
5. Require a probable cause to link a suspect to a terrorist organization before they can seize documents and search his business.
6. Cover the illegal immigrants with federally funded health insurance. How much do you think this would cost you?
The results in Canada for a similar plan have prevented citizens to get necessary medical procedures. They have a board that determines who gets treatments.
7. His explanation about the high price of gasoline is that he wishes that the increase had been more gradual.
Watch for the flip flopping to begin.
I want to congratulate Jonathan Willis being named Publisher of the Franklin County Times. Jonathan is a hard worker who treats everyone fairly. He is a man of character and conducts himself in a professional manner. The Boone Newspapers Inc. made the right call.
Demopolis, Ala., will be a better place when Jason, Tiffany and Lizzie move there. The Franklin County Times saw many improvements under Jason. I am sure that the Demopolis Times will benefit from his leadership.
Too many times we take for granted the hard work of the entire staff that produces the best local paper in Alabama. Thanks to all of the staff of the Franklin County Times for making it a great newspaper.
Jerry Fancher is Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Executive Committee. He can be reached via email at jfanchergop@yahoo.com.