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Top of the pyramid

By Staff
Russellville varsity squad captures top honors at UCA cheerleading camp
Kim West
AUBURN – The Russellville varsity cheerleading squad was on a mission last week at the Universal Cheerleader Association Camp hosted by Auburn University.
Last year the squad finished second in the Home Pom Routine competition, which is one of the most sought-after team awards at the camp and requires a routine choreographed to music. This year, Russellville was awarded first place and the squad brought home second place honors in the Camp Champ Extreme Routine competition, received superior ratings for the week and also won the camp spirit award, better known as the "Banana Award."
"We reached all of our goals at camp this year," said senior Cassie Montgomery, who earned All-Star honors along with senior captain Jakora Hamilton. "We wanted to win first in Home Pom and we wanted to win the Banana Award, which is awarded to the team that is the most disciplined and shows the most spirit.
"We were thrilled to win both competitions, and we had the chance to get closer as a team because we had nine sophomores we didn't have on last year's team."
All-Star honors are given only to outstanding seniors after individual tryouts that included a herky, toe touch or pike jump, an extreme routine and a cheer performed with the UCA cheerleaders and mascot.
"I jumped and screamed like a crazy cheerleader when I found out because it's a great honor," said Montgomery. "Jakora and I were both excited to be named an All-Star, which means we have the opportunity to go to London and perform in the New Year's parade."
The Russellville squad, which is sponsored by Patricia Cox, also includes mascot Libby Bradford, juniors Lauren Singleton, Olivia Turner and Millie Fisher and sophomores Lauren Jackson, Mollie Flanagan, Lauren Copeland, Jordan Moore, Abbey Harbin, Marilla Duncan, Anna Claire Burgess, Courtney Wray and Jordan Lindsey.
"The girls have worked extremely hard the past two months preparing for camp competitions," Cox said. "I'm very proud of their success and the way they represented Russellville."