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Congrats scholarship recipients

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Throughout the spring and now into early summer, local clubs, organizations and groups have been stepping up to offer scholarships to students throughout Franklin County.
Our two local colleges, the University of North Alabama and Northwest-Shoals Community College send us press releases on a regular basis letting us know that more students have been given financial aid to attend their schools.
It is great to see so many people looking for opportunities beyond high school and it is just as great to see so many people stepping in to help.
It is our wish here at the FCT that we could run a picture and story on each individual student who gets a scholarship.
Unfortunately, that's something we cannot do for them.
However, we do try our best to get as many people in the paper as we can to let our community know that they have benefited from their hard work.
I remember seeing how hard my wife worked and I was just amazed at the scholarship opportunities she had. I was always said she was one of the few people who could make money by going to college.
But it is a great sign to see more and more groups chipping in to help our county students go to college each year.
For many students, their futures depend on what kind of financial assistance they can get for college. It can mean the difference in whether or not they go to a community college or four-year university.
It can play a factor in what type of degree they seek or whether or not they move from home.
But, it can also mean the difference in whether or not they even go to college.
So for the proud parents and grandparents out there who have stood by your student for so long and now watch as they move on to college, know how proud we are of them also.
Not just the students whose photos or name run in our paper, but all of them.
We are also proud of the families, businesses, clubs, organizations and other groups who are supporting the next generation of Franklin County leaders by providing them with scholarship opportunities.