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Questioning council actions

By Staff
Dear editor, the Times:
As I take pen in hand I can't help but wonder when the best officers Red Bay has ever had will start resigning. Judging by their actions, it seems to me that nothing would please four of our city council members more.
In my opinion, David Martin, Bobby Nelson, Ann Wilkins and Patsy Hammock have continued to pursue a vindictive campaign against the police department, the citizens of Red Bay and just plain common sense. Here are just a few examples, starting with the June 2 meeting.
David Martin has declared the police need no training at all, especially not for emergencies such as a school crisis or shooting as has happened in small schools nationwide. Yes, David, it could happen here too.
We can thank Ann Wilkins, Patsy Hammock and Bobby Nelson for adding Martin to the council.
This notorious trio are the ones who gripe and criticize the police department at every meeting about every action we take, complain about the price of pens we use and question every cent spent to keep the department running despite the fact that Wilkins has been unable to find any misappropriation of anything.
This is the trio that has refused to replace police cars with well over 100,000 miles on them – two of which no longer start without being jumped off.
Officer Rodney Belue recently responded to a call in his own vehicle rather than try to start an actual police car.
When asked to replace just one of them, Wilkins expressed no concern about risks to citizens' lives, health and property.
Instead, she demanded to know what officer would be using the new patrol car and helped kill the proposal. No reason was given as to why. What does that say about her priorities?
Let's not forget how the original trio of Hammock, Wilkins and Nelson embarrassed themselves and all of Red Bay in their botched and illegal March attempt to get rid of Chief Creel.
Anyone with any sense of honor would have resigned after dragging Red Bay through the mud but they refused to even apologize. What does this say about them?
Stephen Moore
Red Bay